BiG AL’S Carry Out Special Large 1 topings $10.99 Large 3 toppings with wings $19.99 BiG AL’S Lunch Special Available Monday – Friday 11am – 4pm 10′ Personal 1 topping pizza & soda for...

Our Story so Far…

Open since 2013, and one of the first of its kind, we serve USDA Certified Halal Meat Toppings with an authentic Italian pizza recipe over 50 years old that will rock your taste buds! All of our chicken and beef are antibiotic & hormone free too. We only serve the Best!

Our promise to the public is to always use the freshest ingredients, and We are constantly striving to create new and exciting food to satisfy the palate. Our restaurant is the first one and just a taste of many things to come!

Some of our other specialties include All American BBQ Beef Ribs, BBQ beef brisket all smoked in-house low & slow with BiG AL’S secret ru! Also Our amazing Wings are fresh, never frozen. They are prepared, marinated and cooked on site, you won’t believe the taste!

As Lebanese Americans we have a great deal of respect and love of every culinary culture. We are passionate about our food and proud of the Lebanese infusion we bring to it. We welcome you!

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