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BiG AL'S Pizzeria

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Restaurant As Well

Here at BiG AL’S we are committed to providing the most delicious and nutritious Halal food for our customers.

The meats we use in our pizzas and wings is certified Halal/Zabihah and that is why we can proudly say we are a Halal restaurant.

At BiG AL’S, we believe that superior ingredients make all the difference. We created BiG AL’S Pizzeria for a reason: To share our love for craft pizza, delicious Italian flavors, and wholesome ingredients.

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Enjoy Our Unique Dishes ツ

Super Delicious PIZZA

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Best Halal Food

Restaurant in LA

Of all the Halal restaurants in Los Angeles, BiG AL’S has been recognized as one of the best Halal food restaurants in the city, as evidenced by top-notch publications the likes of Esquire magazine.

How do we do it? We firmly believe in doing things the BiG AL’S Halal way. We never compromise on quality, and we make it our goal to serve you the freshest and most flavorful.




Our Team & History

The first of its kind, BiG AL’S is a specialized pizzeria and wing store that is also Halal/Zabihah certified, and we are passionate about offering fresh Halal food that respects Halal consumers.  

We strive to deliver an elevated Guest Experience.

Inspired by an International Fusion of Flavors, driven by innovation, we create new and exciting foods to tease the palate. BiG AL’S artisanal creations hit the spot for any craving from savory, sweet, sour, tart or spicy.


Speaks to the commitment and dedication to providing ingredients that are 100% Halal certified.


Speaks to the artistry behind our original recipes & appetizing presentations!


Speaks to the diverse cultural favorites that inspire a new taste experience!


Speaks to the precision and care BiG AL’S puts into the recipes & techniques to deliver fun high-quality food.

What BiG AL'S

got in store for you?

Signature Pizzas Artisanal hand-crafted, original recipes that start with imported Italian flour and dough made fresh daily. Every pizza has a unique signature, from the flavorful sauces, stacked toppings, to the final touches with fresh herbs and fancy drizzles! And remember, our meat is certified Halal/Zabihah.

Oven-Baked Wings Always fresh, never frozen, and Halal-friendly. Baked to a golden brown perfection, our chicken wings are crispy yet succulent with a savory roasted flavor. Your choice of a variety of vibrant original homemade sauces.

If you’re looking for Halal chicken wings near you, don’t forget that with BiG AL’S delivery service, we’ll bring them right to your doorstep!

BBQ Beef Brisket Rubbed with our secret 18-herb & spice blend. Smoked in-house low-and-slow, using a 3-wood blend (hickory, apple, pecan) to create the perfect fusion of savory and smoky flavors.

Signature Pizzas, BBQ Beef Brisket Oven-Baked Wings are Cooked to Order! All of these delectable options are Halal/Zabihah certified.

Serving Cinamom’s Goodies as the perfect finale to a BiG AL’S meal.

Sink your sweet tooth into a luxurious slice of NY style light & fluffy cheesecake.

BiG AL’S is committed to 100% Guest Satisfaction!

“If You Don’t Love it, BiG AL’S Will Eat It”