Raising Funds with Big AL’S Pizzeria

Big AL’S loves it’s community and wants to help raise funds for your organization. Whether it’s feeding the hungry, education, animal welfare, or sports, we are here for you. Fundraising is one of the best ways for us to give back to our communities. The following are the most frequently asked questions about how “Big AL’S” fundraising works:

A. Big AL’S partners with many community organizations, including:

  • Schools

  • Parent/Teacher Organizations

  • Faith-based organizations

  • Pet welfare organizations

  • Youth sports leagues

  • Scout groups

  • Sororities & Fraternities

  • Food banks

  • Health improvement organizations (i.e., cancer societies, American Heart Association, etc.)

Q. What portion of fundraising net sales will go to my organization?

A. 20% of all sales (pre-tax) brought in by your fundraiser will be donated directly to your organization. A check will be issued 1-2 weeks after your event. GUESTS PARTICIPATING IN YOUR FUNDRAISER MUST MENTION THIS WHEN PLACING THEIR ORDER. Only orders that let us know they are part of your organization will be included in fundraiser sales.

Q. How long will my fundraiser last?

A. There is no set time limit on fundraisers; however, typically they are scheduled for a 3-4 hour period during the week on a Monday through Wednesday. Specify the time period that works best for your organization, and the Restaurant Leader from Big AL’S will discuss timing with you after the fundraiser is approved.

Q. Can they get their food for pick up or Delivery?

A. Yes! They may use all forms of ordering.  Just make sure they include that they are part of the fundraiser.

Q. How are net proceeds calculated?

A. Net proceeds are calculated as the sales price less all applicable tax and all company expenses. Donations are not tax deductible.

Q. Is a flyer provided so I can promote my event? How do I get it?

A. Yes, a flyer will automatically be sent to you upon approval of your fundraiser event. The flyer will be in PDF format, so you can print it and distribute as many as you like.

Q. Will Big Al’s conduct a fundraiser at my location?

A. Big AL’S will conduct off-site fundraisers. Contact your local Restaurant Leader at Big AL’S if you want to conduct a fundraiser at your location

Q. When will I receive the proceeds from my fundraiser?

A. Please allow one to two weeks for processing your fundraiser check (does not include delivery time). If it has been more than eight weeks since your event and you still have not received a check, please contact the Restaurant Leader of the Big AL’S where you conducted the event.

Q. What official paperwork do I need to include with my request for a fundraiser at Big AL’S?

A. You must include a W-9 with your Community Request.

  • To obtain a W-9 form, click here – http://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/fw9.pdf

  • To get your EIN or your Taxpayer ID number, will need to contact the leadership of your organization (i.e., School Activities Director, President, etc.).

  • Additionally, you will be forwarded a Fundraiser Contract after approval of the event, which you must sign and return to Big AL’S.

Q. How can I ensure that my fundraiser is a success?

A. The key to any successful fundraiser is getting as many of your followers and boosters to participate as possible. Here are some helpful tips:

  • 1. Plan Ahead – at least a month in advance so you have enough time to spread the word and get it on as many people’s calendars as possible.

  • 2. Use your pre-designed flyer to get the word out at least 30 days prior to the event. Make sure that your fundraiser followers mention your organization when they visit us on the event date.

  • 3. Promote your event aggressively – use your school or organization website and social media such as Twitter and Facebook to get the message out to a large audience, and hand out as many flyers as possible.  Big AL’S will do the same!

Remember, the more people who come/call in, the more money your organization receives in return!