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Signature Pizza

Half & Half

121 Combinations of Signature Pizza
  • LG – $22.99 (8 slices 2-3 people)
  • XL – $26.99 (8 or 12 slices 3-4 people)
  • Additional $4.00 for Beef

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Our Fan Reviews

Reza Hussaini

April 2021

Great pizza hands down, I drive from Riverside to this place for pizza.

Noona A.

San Francisco, CA · October 17th 2020

Delicious! Worth every penny! The employees and their service was wonderful! So many different kinds of pizza to choose from. We tried 6 kinds and they did it half and half style.

Ruben F.

Whittier, CA · June 8th 2020

I ordered a half and half pizza (half brisket with pineapple, half pepperoni) with a pound of buffalo wings. The food was outstanding! The brisket was so tender , full of flavor, and the bbq sauce was perfect. The pineapple was a nice compliment. The crust was soft and delicious.The wings were great. Buffalo sauce had a slight kick and a hint of vinegar. So good!! Will definitely be back to try another half and half- Lebanese garlic chicken and Jamaican jerk!

Mark H.

Carson, CA · February 13th 2020

First time trying them out. Was intrigued by them having brisket on their meat lovers pizza. I ordered a half Meaty & half jamaican jerk chicken. Tha jamaican half was flavorful but I am a spice lightweight and it was too hot for me to eat more than one slice. The meaty was delicious. I ate all 4 slices and could’ve possibly eaten more.. I will return though. I can’t wait to try their other pizza selections.